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Featured in NME

jamies bea - dreams


jamies bea – dreams

When it comes to getting submissions, it should be known that name dropping similarities can be either do wonders or exactly the opposite and often times it can lead to those on the other end of the email being a tad bit skeptical. I’d be lying if I said that when I received a message from London’s jamies bea that I wasn’t sitting there wondering “is this really going to be anything like jai paul or how to dress well?” but once I actually let the track speak instead of words, it hit me in the best way.

His latest track “dreams” not only works as the perfect introduction to his effervescent and revolving infusion of funk, R&B, and downtempo electronics but it also serves as something that’s undeniably catchy. Though the tendencies of others’ styles are often easy to pick out, jamies bea still manages to lace his material with a fresh nature and charisma that’s sure to gain him some much deserved attention well beyond his residence in Britain. Be sure to get your ears on more tracks by heading over to soundcloud.

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